Lock-in to unique low-cost stencilling
A.T.Brown, established in 1920, have supplied the MOD for 20 years under quality control procedure in accordance with AQAP 9 section 2 and have recently attained ISO 9002.
Interlocking Stencils
A fast effective way of marking most items of equipment from packing cases to tents and military hardware. This system offers the opportunity to make up any stencil combination of the same size characters and re-use them many times over. They can be supplied as basic sets of A-Z and 0-9 or in wallets of 76, 100 and 154 pieces. Sizes range from 6.4mm to 457mm (Œ" to 18"). They are manufactured in zinc or brass depending on the size of the character.
Separate Plate Stencils
These are the same as the Interlocking Stencils detailed above but not interlocking.
Special Stencils
We can make special stencils to order including logos and patterns. These are particularly useful if you are marking many items with the same text. we also supply all international symbols and most foreign languages including Arabic. Inks and applicators are also available for marking most surfaces.
Bubble Packs
Bubble packs are available for various sizes of both interlocking and separate stencils.
Spray Paint
Super stencil spray paint is available in a variety of colours.


Major benefits

Easily Assembled
Low Cost
Easy to clean
Solvent resistant
Extensive range of sizes
Most languages Interlocking Stencils Height range from 6.4mm (Œ") to 457mm (18")
Separate Plate Stencils Height range from 12.7mm (œ") to 762mm (30")
Special Stencils Height range from 50.8mm (2") to 457mm (18")
Clock Face Stencils Height range from 12.7mm (œ") to 101.6mm (4")
We are able to manufacture special formats and sizes tailored to your own requirements.

Please contact us for further details and prices.